There is a strict set of UK Home Office rules governing the granting of a CoS, to which we adhere. The employer is contractually obliged to help CoSmopolitan PS fulfil all sponsorship duties to the Home Office by providing the following for any applicant for whom it issues a CoS, as well as other documentation:
–Colour visuals of their passport, as well as relevant previous visa visuals
–Contract of employment
–Completed application form detailing all UK and overseas contact details
–Details of previous productions the applicant has held a similar role on and their relevant expertise, including website links to their film credits, e.g. IMDB

Tier 5 temporary worker creative and sporting visa
Sponsorship information for employers and educators

CoSmopolitan PS will check the applicant meets the relevant Home Office Codes of Practice.
Upon the granting of a CoS the production company is obliged to send the entry stamp or visa BEFORE the applicant commences work. CoSmopolitan PS is obliged to cancel the sponsorship of any applicant for whom this is not carried out in a timely fashion.
The production company must also send a visual of the BRP (Biometrics Residence Permit) card if/as relevant.
The employer has a strict responsibility to report any job changes, absences and to inform CoSmopolitan PS when the applicant leaves the UK by sending their flight confirmation details.
CoSmopolitan PS is not affiliated with the UK Home Office, and functions as a completely separate entity.
CoSmopolitan PS is not responsible for the ultimate granting of a visa or entry clearance.
CoSmopolitan PS is a subsidiary of Vilee Media Services Ltd.
Full T&Cs will be supplied upon engagement.

Sponsorship licence number: J0R0T4YD8
Regulated by the OISC. Ref No.: F201400913

Company no: 04767851