CoS Issuance and Visa Application Completion

Our clients are primarily UK production companies looking for work visas for their international cast and crew.

Once we receive the necessary new client paperwork and documents required for cast and crew and providing the applicants meet the ‘Code of Practice’(1) we can issue a Tier 5 Creative and Sporting CoS (2).

This is often all that is necessary for ‘non-visa nationals’(3) coming into the UK for less than 90 days. However for visa nationals (4) and applicants who need to be in UK for longer than 90 days the production company needs to additionally arrange an entry clearance visa. (5) CoSmopolitan Production Services can arrange this for the production company.
CoSmopolitan would provide a brief template for the applicant to fill in. We would then fill in the application form on the visa site, process all the payments, supply detailed next steps in the form of an ‘e pack’ for the applicant and inform the production company when the visa has been issued.

Additionally we can provide advice regarding optional add-ons such as expedited services and meet and greet.

From dedicated project management to ongoing production facilitation, CoSmopolitan PS takes the time to understand our clients’ specific requirements, both budgetary and timing, and provides bespoke one to one services to ensure a client’s every immigration need is met.

1) The Codes of Practice as regulated by the various film based guilds govern what job roles are eligible to be allowed to work in the UK

2) Certificate of Sponsorship

3) A grouping of countries with less stringent UK entry requirements e.g. USA, Canada etc

4) Workers of visa national countries require a visa to travel to the UK regardless of the length of time they are needed