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Production Supervisor

“Victoria and the wonderful team at Cosmopolitan Production Services are my absolute go to for ANYTHING visa related.

They are a pleasure to work with and make the process of applying for and obtaining visas trouble free.

Even the most complex of applications is dealt with in a calm and easy to understand way. They truly are unflappable!

I cannot recommend them highly enough!”


Production Coordinator

"I cannot recommend CoSmopolitan highly enough! The team consistently go above and beyond to assist with any and all enquiries. Visas can be daunting and complicated, but they are always incredibly clear and concise in explaining the requirements and process for each applicant. I always feel confident, comfortable and kept in the loop every step of the way; a daily reassurance which is invaluable. The CoSmopolitan team truly are wonderful to work alongside on every show and I would be lost without them!"


Exec Producer

"It was wonderful to work with Victoria and the team, especially over our epic three year filmmaking process! We do not know what we would have done without their  speedy responses, quick turn around times, and trusted experience."