How do cast and crew get sponsored for work in the UK?

We’ve been doing this for many years, with the world’s biggest studios, and have made the process seamless and straightforward. Here’s a summary, as told through our PPP structure:


We get to know the production:

  • What is it: a film, TV show, or theatre production? Who are the studio and production team?
  • Where in the UK will it be based and are other locations involved?
  • For which stages do you require support: pre-production, principal photography, post-production – or
    all the way through?
  • Who’s coming to the UK? Who are the confirmed cast and crew, accompanying family members
    and/or entourage? What are their UK dates?
  • From our initial discussion with the production team, we create a bespoke plan and begin to schedule
    the first applications. We talk the production through the processes, send the over the forms to be
    completed, and outline the documents needed.


  • We review applications and raise any issues with the production. We liaise with the production co-
    ordinators to ensure we have the essential paperwork for each applicant.
  • We schedule the applications according to arrival dates and notify the production when they will be
  • For those who require visas, we arrange their biometrics appointments and can set up additional
    services, such as meet and greet.
  • We send the production full details of their workers’ appointments, including instructions of the


  • We work collaboratively with productions and the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) branch of the
    Home Office to ensure all immigration requirements are met.  
  • We file work permits (CoS stamps and visa visuals), and we are in frequent contact with productions
    to retrieve anything outstanding.   
  • We maintain the mandatory records of sponsored workers’ UK residence and work addresses.
    We keep productions apprised of the validity and restrictions of their workers’ permits.  
  • We keep the Home Office updated on any changes regarding sponsored workers, including when
    they leave the UK; to ensure the production is fully compliant with its obligations.
    We are an Approved Collection Location for Biometric Residence Permits.
  • We work directly with our premium contacts at the UKVI to rectify permits that have not been
    correctly activated or delivered.