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What we do

In short, we support UK productions bringing foreign talent to the UK: through sponsorship and visa application services, immigration advice and compliance support​.

Cosmopolitan PS is licensed to provide immigration advice up to OISC level one. We are experts on sponsorship under the Creative Worker route, for short-term international cast and crew members. As well as being licensed to grant CoS, we advise extensively on sponsorship eligibility and obtaining short-term Creative Worker visas. We are experienced in broader UK immigration rules, including Global Talent applications, UK ancestry, and permitted activities under the visitor rules. ​

Our knowledge and experience come from years of working with productions of all sizes: from multi-million-dollar-budget blockbuster movies, to independent-label films; from award-winning series to reality shows; and everything in between.

we have supported the cast and crew of high-grossing, acclaimed and award-winning productions.

Including: Mary Poppins Returns, Aladdin, Bridgerton, The Game of Thrones series; and Spiderman: Far From Home; as well as franchises including: Fast and Furious and Jurassic Park.

More than just immigration

While immigration is our focus, our clients receive so much more… ​

From advice on the post-Brexit world, global events affecting travel, and changes to government policy, our productions benefit from a bespoke service which actively meets their unique requirements. Our clients enjoy speaking with our friendly and helpful team over the phone and email. ​

As a premium A-rated sponsor, we are in regular and direct communication with the Home Office. This allows us to pursue enquiries on immigration matters affecting our clients, as well as learn first-hand of new and developing policy.​

So, how do we achieve this? We call it PPP: Planning, Pre-Entry and Post-Entry, and this is how we structure our services.​

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