A behind the scenes look at Cosmopolitan

Come along, fellow traveller.

What we do

We offer sponsorship and visa application services, immigration advice and compliance support for bringing foreign talent to the UK.​

Cosmopolitan PS is licensed to provide immigration advice up to OISC level one. In addition to advising extensively on acquiring sponsorship and visas for temporary short-term work in the UK (Creative Visas), we have experience of broader immigration rules, including many successful Global Talent applications, as well UK ancestry and permitted activities under the visitor rules. ​

Our knowledge and experience descends from years of working with productions of all sizes: from multi-million-dollar-budget blockbuster movies, to independent-label films; from award-winning series to reality shows; and everything in between. ​

we have supported the cast and crew of high-grossing, acclaimed and award-winning productions.

Including: Mary Poppins Returns, Aladdin, Bridgerton, The Game of Thrones series; and Spiderman: Far From Home; as well as franchises including: Fast and Furious and Jurassic Park.

More than just immigration

While immigration is our focus, our clients receive so much more… ​

From advice on the post-Brexit world, global events affecting travel, and changes to government policy, our productions benefit from a bespoke service which actively meets their unique requirements. Our clients enjoy speaking with our friendly and helpful team over the phone and email. ​

As a premium A-rated sponsor, we are in regular and direct communication with the Home Office. This allows us to pursue enquiries on immigration matters affecting our clients, as well as learn first-hand of new and developing policy.​

So, how do we achieve this? We call it PPP: Planning, Pre-Entry and Post-Entry, and this is how we structure our services.​

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