Cast and Crew

Different roads, same destination



MD and Founder, Victoria oversees our work with every production and is the creative industry’s oracle for all things immigration. Victoria’s black book of contacts, both in the UK film industry and central government, positions her as the go-to for productions needing a bespoke immigration service. A leader in the field, Victoria regularly appears on panels to discuss policy and practice.


Head of Planning, Aneka is the first point of contact for client productions. She talks to productions about their plans, explains the immigration rules, and advises on the best and most economical solutions. Always on-hand to field questions, Aneka’s focus on communication ensures productions are privy to the most up-to-date requirements and guidance.



Head of UK Pre-Entry, Sonali manages the application needs of productions and ensures no deadline is missed. She is truly formidable in getting cast and crew’s appointments and applications in order. A fountain of visa knowledge, Sonali advises on all options and associated costs, and sets up arrangements which make the visa process pain-free.


UK Pre-Entry Specialist , Priyanka researches talent coming to the UK and ensures they’re sponsored on the strongest possible grounds. The go-to for CoS and a true movie-buff, Priyanka genuinely loves working closely with our client productions and is available to talk all things sponsorship.

Chloe Beacham

UK Pre-Entry Specialist, Chloe is a copy writer. A dedicated member of the Pre-Entry team, Chloe makes the application process straightforward and clear. She takes the time to understand the productions, the cast and the crew, and puts together pristine grounds for sponsorship.



Head of UK Post-Entry, Sarah oversees our impeccable record-management, and is the one ensuring our client productions fulfil their compliance duties to the Home Office. Sarah is the main point of contact for productions with cast and crew in the UK; she knows who is here, for how long and what they’re doing – and she actively keeps their work in the UK running smoothly.

Beci Scott

UK Post-Entry Administrator, Beci is a film and TV buff with an exceptional eye for detail. She maintains the impeccable compliance records for each production, and actively supports their immigration needs while there are international cast and crew working in the UK.